Handcrafted Hoop Earrings Jewelry Designer Silversmith

I love the idea of a new economy where the makers, artists and visionaries are supported. To take a step back from fast fashion and soulless mass production. I suppose you could say my business is a small act of rebellion against the corporations, a determination to live a life where I can be with my family for all those precious moments. Live my life my way ~ஐ ~

On a lighter note! My love of hoops started as a rebellious teenager. When I would clip clop down the stairs in my mini skirts and large hoop earrings and my Dad would joke " are you going to wear a skirt with that belt" and "those earrings look like the ring they put through a bull's nose"!

So my business ethic is serious but my product is FUN, DECORATIVE, SEXY and a little rebellious. (You know hoops are worn by pirates so my point is legitimate).

Creating is how I express myself. I find so much joy in bringing something from my imagination to fruition. I love what I do and hope that this high vibration carries through to my lovely customers!

Lotus Handmade Hoops started with a vision for a line of hoops. My passion for dance and movement flows through my work.
As the shop developed and my art has evolved I have added to the range ( but it will always be mostly hoops).

My craft is Silversmithing. I work with wire and am pretty much self taught in all that I do. Soldering, Weaving swirls, spirals and loops I am inspired by natural patterns and shapes and the movement of the design. My aesthetic is highly decorative and full of life!
I use hand tools only, a flame, and I like to keep my process simple.

As a mother of three It was a given that I would be around to enjoy the early years with my kids. In this time Lotus Handmade Hoops has come to mean freedom to me. As our children branch out into the world I have found that my business is still going strong and I can continue to ride the wave!

Prior to this incarnation I dreamt of owning and running my own dance studio and loved creating costumes for myself and other dancers.
I spent my younger years (pre children) performing competing and creating. I studied at performing arts school where I was introduced to Tai Chi, yoga, dance and body conditioning techniques. Here I got to mix with an artistic community and experience new ideas, theatre, freedom.... I was dirt poor but my Spirit was so alive!

It was a bit of a Gypsy lifestyle back in the day, I moved around A LOT, It was pretty wild.
At this time I found my creative spark really coming through as I sewed and decorated my costumes. My suffering partner ( also a dancer) would be crowded out of the room as I whipped up all manner of designs.

After we had our kids I taught dancing and ran my own classes in the evening but I longed to "make" again. I came by chance across some online selling tools and it was on to a new project!

Lotus Handmade Hoops is based in Melbourne Australia.

It's not about the $$$. I don't aim to be wealthy, I focus on the artistry and family. I trust that the rest will come. I have come to believe in synchronicity and all the little signs that appear. All is as it should be. Trust trust trust.

That's a bit about me. WELCOME, I hope you enjoy looking through the shop xx

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